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What's Important To Us

A LOT of things are important to us, but here are the things we've chosen to focus on as a business:


A fundamental part of any successful community and society. 


creating a community where all people are welcomed, respected, and celebrated, with an emphasis on creating space for people in marginalized communities.


Activities that build strength, confidence, skill, and control over one's own life. 

Food Security:

We donate baked goods to the Gorham Food Pantry, and to local nursing homes. We will consider other food donations as they relate to increasing access to food to those who need it. 

Community Giving

Like most businesses, we get a lot of requests for donations from local groups and organizations. We hope this information about our areas of community focus are helpful, giving you a sense of what types of things we are most likely to give to when we can. As a small business we have very limited funds to donate, and we also have some set commitments that take up much of our donation budget.  You are welcome to put in a request using the form below. Even when we can't help, we love to hear about all the great projects and programs happening in our community!


Seems like something we'd be interested in?

If it seems like a fit, the request form is below! 


If you have questions, or want to chat about other ways to collaborate within our focus areas to make our community better, please email We'd love to connect!

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